South West Spearfishing


Spear fishing

Sink below the initial layer of plankton to discover a new wold and an exhilaration like none other. Cast your aspirations further into the wild blue and we have a year round possibility of trips either side of the cape.


Suited to people with some experience or keen to learn.

$150 per Adult $100 per Child for 4 – 5 hrs approx. Min of 3 persons and max of 6

Here’s a few fishy suggestions:

  • Head out from Augusta Boat Harbour or Hamelin Bay

  • Catch Crays or spearfish in the pristine waters off the South West.

  • Spearfishing is all free diving and depth will vary from 5m to 20m and sometime deeper.

  • Bring all your own gear, we can supply weights for your weight belt

  • Grab some mates and book a day tour to the paradise of the outer reef to experience the thrill of landing a Dhu Fish , Nannygai or one of the sought after Pelagic Fish in the South West.


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